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Bluetooth headsets can be divided into earbud headsets and head-mounted headsets. They have the characteristics of wireless portability, intelligent active noise reduction and diversified interaction modes. Bluetooth Headsets have become a product with high consumer acceptance. While these headsets continue to sell well, the user experience of the product itself is also constantly upgrading. In the future, Bluetooth headsets may also be realized with functions such as blood pressure and heart monitoring by integrating more sensors and carrying heart rate monitoring technology.


Due to the small size and small battery capacity of Bluetooth headsets, and consumers' requirements for connection stability, battery life, and sound quality, the high energy density built-in lithium battery faces a complex and changeable use. To ensure the safety of lithium batteries has become a topic of general concern to both engineers and consumers.


GLF battery protection ICs can provide high-precision overcharge protection, short circuit protection, over-discharge protection, over-temperature and trickle current monitoring along with other functions in a targeted manner according to the specific needs of a product.

Application framework
Applicable product
2A,1nA IQ,19nA ISD,34mΩ RON,Load switch
Battery Protection with UVLO,SCP,OVP,OCP,0V charge,shipping model
2A deepsleep Load swith with 7s turn-off delay
Battery Protection with UVLO,SCP,OVP,ODCP,OCCP,0V charge,shipping model,high accuracy
Battery Protection with UVLO,SCP,OVP,ODCP,0V charge
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