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System Power Protection IC

The GLF76121 Power Reset Switch provides a true power reset function by disconnecting the battery after a reasonable delay time. After the reset period, the main switch of the GLF76121 / GLF76121L reconnects the output load to the input battery to resume system operation. The GLF76121 provides 5.8 seconds delay time before 360ms reset time, while GLF76121L has 11.6 second delay time and 700ms reset time. The OFF input pin allows GLF76121 / GLF76121L to achieve complete shutdown with a total standby current of 7nA (typical value).


GLF's power sleep chip has a built-in deep sleep protection device, which has the industry's lowest on-resistance, quiescent current and standby current, as well as the best system protection function. The deep sleep switch enables the system to enter an ultra-low-power sleep mode by disconnecting the battery, and only consumes ultra-low 7nA standby current. By placing the switch between the battery and the system, it is possible to significantly extend the battery life of the electronic device during transportation or extend the "off" time of the system. This function supports the user to activate by pressing the key or soft start.

Product Name Voltage [V] Abs Max [V] RON Typ. @3.6V[mΩ] IQ Typ. @ 3.6V[nA] ISD Typ. @ 3.6V [nA] Slew Rate Control Output Discharge