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Power Mux IC

GLF's Power Multiplexer ICs are optimized for ease of installation and use. They are ideal for smart homes and other small systems where space and the number of components are critical.


The GLF low-power Power Multiplexer chip is mainly aimed at the circuit structure with two power inputs and one output (typically one USB and one lithium battery input), to provide the circuit switching function of automatic mode or manual mode. Compared with the traditional circuit structure built with discrete devices such as diodes and triodes, it has remarkable features such as ultra-low quiescent current and impedance, optimized circuit structure, and convenient user debugging.

Product Name Voltage [V] Abs Max [V] ISD Typ. @ VOP Max [nA] IQ Typ. @ @VOP Max [μA] RON Typ. @VOP Max [mΩ] Package& Size