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With the rapid development of wireless communication technology, smart home devices are gradually entering every household with its advantages of energy saving, easy control and high efficiency. The market share of smart home devices such as smart door locks, smart doorbells, smart speakers, smart curtains, smoke sensors, and water immersion sensors, has increased year by year, and users have also put forward higher requirements to smart home products in terms of energy saving, safety and other performance.


The high performance, low power consumption, large package power load switch developed by GLF can be used to cut off the power consumption of the above-mentioned smart home devices in sleep mode, and has high stability and reliability. At the same time, the GLF power mux has the advantages of low power consumption and low impedance and can provide intelligent automatic or manual mode selection for devices with USB and lithium battery power supplies, thereby optimizing the circuit structure and improving power efficiency.

Application framework
Applicable product
2A,4uA IQ,20nA ISD,35mΩ RON,two input&single output Power mux switch
2A,6nA IQ,7nA ISD,34mΩ RON,3s turn on delay&6s turn off delay Deep sleep protection
4.5A,4uA IQ,50nA ISD,20mΩ RON,two input&single output Power mux switch
7V,2A,4uA IQ,6nA ISD,92mΩ RON,two input&single output Power mux switch
2A,2nA IQ,13nA ISD,54mΩ RON,load switch with SOT package
7V,3A,10nA IQ,20nA ISD,41mΩ RON,load switch with SOT package
4A,1.3uA IQ,40nA ISD,12mΩ RON,loadswitch with TRCB
7V,2A,1.6uA IQ,20nA ISD,40mΩ,load switch with TRCB
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