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Jiefu Microelectronics (Sichuan) Co., Ltd. (GLF) was founded in 2016. The company is committed to providing ultra-low power consumption, energy saving and high-precision power protection technology for IoT devices, intelligent electronic equipment and intelligent industrial equipment. At the 2016 APEC conference in Los Angeles, GLF introduced the concept that future ultra-small IoT devices will need to focus on the leakage current generated while the system is in its dormant state.


The founding team of the company are all veterans from Fairchild Semiconductor. The core technical team has worked for National Semiconductor, Fairchild Semiconductor, Raytheon Semiconductor, Samsung Semiconductor and other internationally renowned semiconductor companies, and has accumulated a rich practical experience in the semiconductor field. GLF has a number of self-developed, world-leading patented technologies. Through ultra-efficient core design and customized technology, the key parameters and indicators of a chip can be greatly optimized, and the performance of chip can be improved.


Relying on unique product design concepts and customized processes, the company provides systematic solutions for extending battery life and increasing standby time for smart devices using ultra-small lithium batteries. GLF’s products include ultra-low power load switches, high-precision lithium battery protection chips, ultra-low power system protection chips, and ultra-low power management chips.


In the future, GLF will continue to uphold the design concept of ultra-low power consumption, differentiation and serialization, and constantly innovate to expand product lines, serve global customers with advanced technology, and supply first-class products.

  • 100 million

    Achieved hundreds of millions of shipments

  • 90+

    More than 90 chip products

  • 100+

    Supply hundreds of customers

  • 50%

    R & D personnel accounted for 50%

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