IQSmartTM Power Load Switch with True Reverse Current Blocking

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Product Features
  • Supply Voltage Range:

    2.0 V to 6.5 V ;7 Vabs max

  • IOUT  Max:

    2 A

  • Low RON     :

    40 mΩ Typ @ 6.5 VIN     

  • Ultra-Low IQ     :

    1.6 µA Typ @ 6.5 VIN     

  • Ultra-Low ISD     :

    20 nA Typ @ 6.5 VIN   

  • Controlled Rise Time:

    2.6 ms at 6.0 VIN   

  • True Reverse Current Blocking

  • Smart Enable Pin

    IEN  : 3 nA Max at VEN > VIH  ;REN  : 500 kΩ Typ at VEN < VIL     

  • Integrated Output Discharge Switch

  • Wide Operating Temperature Range:

    -40 °C ~ 85 °C

  • HBM / CDM

    6kV / 2kV

Product Description

The GLF82321 is an advanced technology fully integrated IQSmartTM load switch device with True Reverse Current Blocking (TRCB) technology and the slew rate control of the output voltage.

The GLF82321 offers industry leading True Reverse Current Blocking (TRCB) performance, featuring an ultra-low threshold voltage. It prevents a reverse current from Vout to Vin all the time when the output voltage exceeds the input voltage.

The GLF82321 integrated slew rate control can also enhance system reliability by mitigating bus voltage swings during switching events. Where uncontrolled switches can generate high inrush currents that result in voltage droop and/or bus reset events, the GLF slew rate control specifically limits inrush currents during turn-on to minimize voltage droop.

The GLF82321 Load Switch devices support an industry leading wide input voltage range and helps to improve operating life and system robustness. Furthermore, one device can be used in multiple voltage rail applications which helps to simplify inventory management and reduce operating cost.