Ultra-Efficient, IQSmart™ Load Switch with Slew Rate Control

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Product Features
  • Ultra-Low IQ:

    7nA Typ @ 5.5VIN

  • Ultra-Low ISD:

    25nA Typ @ 5.5VIN

  • Low RON :

    31mΩ Typ @ 5.5VIN

  • IOUT Max:


  • Wide Input Range:

    1.1V to 5.5V ;6V abs max

  • Controlled Rise Time:

    350us at 3.3VIN

  • Internal EN Pull-Down Resistor

  • Integrated Output Discharge Switch

  • Ultra-Small

    0.97mm x 0.97mmx 0.55mm

Product Description

The GLF71311 is an ultra-efficient, 2A rated Load Switch with integrated slew rate control. It's best in class efficiency makes it an ideal choice for use in your wearable, mobile, SSD, and IoT electronics.

The GLF71311 features ultra-efficient IQSmartTM technology that supports some of the lowest quiescent currents (IQ) and shutdown currents (ISD) in the industry. Low IQ and ISD solutions help designers to reduce parasitic leakage currents, improve system efficiency, and increase battery lifetimes.

The GLF71311 integrated slew rate control can also enhance system reliability by mitigating bus voltage swings during switching events. Where uncontrolled switches can generate high inrush currents that result in voltage droop and/or bus reset events, the GLF slew rate control specifically limits inrush currents during turn-on, helping to minimize voltage droop.

GLF71311 Load Switch devices support an industry leading wide input voltage range, helping to improve operating life and system robustness. Furthermore, one device can be used in multiple voltage rail applications, helping simplify inventory management and reduce purchasing, and operating costs.
GLF71311 Load Switch devices are small. They use chip scale packaging, utilizing 4 bumps, in a 0.97mm x 0.97mm die size with 0.5mm bump pitch.