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GLF Announces New OCP IC Series for USB Port Applications

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USB is widely used in consumer electronics

Computer with USB interface

With the rapid development of computer hardware, peripheral devices are also increasing. Keyboards, mice, modems, printers, and scanners have long been known. Digital cameras, USB flash drives, speakers, mobile phones, tablets, and other devices also need to be interconnected with computers. How do so many devices connect to personal computers? USB technology is based on this purpose.

The USB interface has the characteristics of faster transmission speed, support for hot plugging and connection of multiple devices, and has been widely used in various external devices.

There may be problems with USB usage

01 Adapter may be out of control

Using a poor quality adapter or a faulty adapter may cause excessive output current to burn the device.

02 Circuit may be shorted

When using the USB cable, it may be damaged due to long-term use or external force, which may cause a short circuit between the internal cables.

03 USB ports wear out after prolonged plugging and unplugging

After long-term use and wear and tear, the USB port may have circuit exposure or fault damage, resulting in a short circuit.

Solutions for USB failures

There are generally three ways to solve the problems described above: 1. Use brand adapters 2. Improve the quality of connectors and cables 3. Increase the internal protection part (PPTC/Breaker/OCP IC)

Among them, it is a more common way to add a protection part in the USB. In actual use, OCP ICs are preferred by various manufacturers into system solutions with the advantages of smaller size, better performance, and higher adaptability.

GLF OCP IC series released


According to various application requirements that require accurate output current limiting, GLF has independently developed the OCP Switch GLF231X, especially for USB ports and related connection terminal products. With the characteristics of small size and high integration, it protects the circuit and prevents excessive current. cause damage to the circuit. 

This product has a variety of protection functions, such as undervoltage protection, reverse current protection, short circuit protection, overheating protection, etc. This product is an ideal and reliable protection solution for downstream important power systems, and provides a variety of options in system design with diverse technical requirements.


01 Product Features

Fixed Output Constant Current Limit

Input Range:2.5 V to 5.5 V

Low RON56 mΩ Typ. @ 5 VIN

Ultra-Low IQ:20 uA Typ. @ 5.0 VIN

Ultra-Low ISD:50 nA Typ. @ 5.0 VIN

Under Voltage Lockout Protection

Output Voltage Slew Rate Controlled

True Reverse Current Blocking Protection

Short Circuit Protection

Thermal Shutdown Protection

02 Application field

PC, notebook computer, mobile phone, printer, communication application, industrial application

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