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GLF New Product Ultra Small Size Load Switch Release

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Load switches are widely used in many small electronic devices and have gradually become an essential power system IC. The load switch can provide power to useful circuits during different operating states of the equipment, or temporarily cut off unused circuits, which can maximize power savings. In addition, load switches also have the following characteristics:

Protection Function

When the circuit is in operation, the load switch has functions such as overheat protection, overcurrent protection, input voltage low latch (UVLO), output fault signal, etc., to protect the circuit from overload damage and ensure the safe operation of the system.

Improve Performance

The load switch also has characteristic functions such as reducing conduction resistance, reducing static current IQ, soft start, wide working current range, and preventing reverse current, which can further improve the working performance of the equipment.

Small Package Size

The packaging size of the load switch is very small, mainly consisting of WLCSP and SOT23, which can meet the small volume requirements of many portable small electronic devices.

  GLF newly launched of GLF112X、

GLF122X series load switch 


Nano-Current Consumed, IQSmartTM 

Load Switch 

with Slew Rate Control


Nano-Current Consumed, IQSmartTM

Load Switch with Slew Rate Control and True Reverse Current Blocking

The GLF112X and GLF122X series are ultra efficient integrated load switches with conversion rate control and a rated current of 1.0 A. They are ideal choices for wearable devices, IoT, medical devices (such as hearing aids), True Wireless Stereo (TWS), mobile phones, contactless payment systems, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and other low power subsystems.

The GLF112X and GLF122X series load switches have the following features: operating temperature range (40 º C to+85 º C), integrated conversion rate control, low RON (52m Ω), ultra-low IQ (1nA), and ISD (10nA) (5.5V VIN). Based on GLF's proprietary load switch technology, they have smaller packaging in the industry (0.67mm x 0.67mm x 0.425mm, 0.35mm spacing), reducing circuit board space and design limitations.

Integrated conversion rate control can also enhance system reliability by reducing bus voltage fluctuations during switching events. In situations where uncontrolled switches may generate high inrush currents that cause voltage drops and/or bus reset events, the GLF112X and GLF122X conversion rate controls specifically limit the inrush current during conduction to minimize voltage drop.

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