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GLF Power Mux power multi-path management chip provides a better conversion solution for the circuit

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In daily life, many electronic devices, such as smart wearable devices, smart home devices, and industrial application devices, need to be equipped with rechargeable batteries to meet the application requirements of mobile use scenarios. It is necessary to optimize the design of circuit selection switching and power consumption issues. Power Mux Switch can play a key role in the seamless transition of circuits in circuit design.

Power Mux Switch

GLF's Power Mux Switch design is optimized for simplicity of installation and use. They are ideal for smart homes and other small systems where space and component count are critical. The GLF low-power power multi-path management chip is mainly aimed at the circuit structure with two power inputs and one output (typically, one USB and one lithium battery input), to provide the circuit switching function of automatic mode or manual mode. Compared with the traditional circuit structure built with discrete devices such as diodes and transistors, the power multi-path management chip has the characteristics of ultra-low quiescent current and impedance, optimized circuit structure, and convenient debugging by users.

GLF 74130

GLF 74520

GLF 4001

GLF 4020

These four Power Mux products of GLF focus on the improvement of switching performance, circuit protection, smaller size and other functions, and optimize the design of automatic and manual input selection modes, so that the terminal equipment can achieve ultra-low quiescent current and impedance when in use. Seamless conversion mode effect, more optimized circuit structure, convenient for users to debug.

Power Mux Design Feature

Two different input sources
5 VDC & Lithium battery
5 VDC and 3.3 VDC
2 x Li-Batt Manual Mode
Vin switching with low dropout
No cross conduction between two input sources
Automatic or manual mode selection
lower power consumption
Space saving and flexible design

Power Mux Application Field

GLF Power Mux series products have many classic application cases in the fields of smart wear, smart home, and industrial applications, and are recognized by many domestic and foreign customers. Typical application cases are as follows:

Backup Power Source Designs


On Board Diagnosis Devices

Pad Dock Devices

Smart Door Bell/Lock

Smart Card 


smart watch


CAT1 module

water meter

wireless mouse / keyboard

Charge box of TWS

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