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GLF launched a new Load Switch IC series based on AEC-Q100 standard

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With the acceleration of electrification, interconnection and intelligence, the level of automobile informatization has been unprecedented-and the application of chip has increased rapidly. Due to hot market demand, high barriers to entry for vehicle-grade chips, and other reasons such as supply chain, a prolonged shortage of automotive electronics chips has become a consensus in the semiconductor industry, so there are more market opportunities to exploit.

As automotive electronic systems continue to expand and integrate more functions, high-performance load switches with a wide operating temperature range are required to improve the reliability of the vehicle in long-term operation.

Relying on the valuable chip design experience accumulated by GLF, after dedicated research and development and verification, GLF1111Q and GLF1200Q based on the AEC-Q100 standard are newly launched Load Switch IC: GLF1111Q and GLF1200Q. Looking forward to your attention!

Product function diagram

   Product features

⭐ AEC-Q100 


⭐ Temperature range:Grade 1,-40°C ~ +125°C

⭐ Wide input voltage range:1.5V ~ 5.5V

⭐ limiting the surge current



 Product Feature 

Industry leading ultra low static current and turn-off leakage current

RON: 60 mΩ Typ @ 5.5 VIN

IOUT Max: 2 A

Ultra-Low IQ: 2 nA Typ @ 5.5 VIN

Ultra-Low ISD: 13 nA Typ @ 5.5 VIN

Controlled Rise Time: 600 μs at 3.3 VIN



 Product Feature 

Reverse current blocking 

True Reverse Current Blocking

RON: 60 mΩ Typ @ 5.5 VIN

IOUT Max: 2 A

Ultra-Low IQ: 0.48 uA Typ @ 5.5 VIN

Ultra-Low ISD: 25 nA Typ @ 5.5 VIN

Controlled Rise Time: 600 us at 3.3VIN


GLF1111Q&GLF1200Q Application:

 Infotainment system

 Automobile diagnostic system



 Face recognition system

 Smart cockpit

More car grade products worth looking forward to

GLF will keep the concept of energy saving, safety and efficiency, and continue to launch more forward-looking, better quality car standard chip products. We are eagerly looking forward to leaving a solid footprint in the new energy vehicle trend.

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